We plan to engage in the activities of oil and gas refining while managing the distribution and marketing of the refined products. The main objective of this activity is to meet the domestic market fuel demand, also non-fuel and petrochemical demand in the domestic and international markets.

BOCL has started the process to establish with its partners, a bulk petroleum product marketing business with prospects of building tank farms, mega stations, etc in the near future.

SHIPPING – BOCL is in the process securing partnerships to have a sea transportation fleet to carry oil and gas, and to distribute fuel, non-fuel, and petrochemical products for domestic and export markets. This will be conducted using owned and chartered tankers.

MARKETING AND TRADING – The main marketing activities will cover business activities in marketing fuel, lube oil, LPG, LNG, aviation, petrochemical, and other non-fuel products for the domestic market. Export and import will be conducted by trading.